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Klavs Kehlet Hansen is born and living in Denmark where he is currently studying composition with the groundbreaking composer Simon Steen-Andersen. Besides studying composition KKH took the master in classical guitar at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and abroad at Conservatorio Superior de Manuel Castillo with Frederik Munk Larsen (Aarhus) and Antonio Duro (Sevilla) as his main teachers and studied private lessons with Arturo Tallini in Rome, Italy. Furthermore Klavs have received a lot of masterclasses from e.g. Àlex Garrobé, Roberto Aussel, Judicaël Perroy, Hopkinson Smith and many more.

Through the years KKH have received a number of scholarships and prices including “The Roman Foundation of Queen Ingrid”, “Memorial foundation of Holger Arndt” and prize winner in “Concorso di Composizione per Chitarra G. Petrassi”.


Possessing the tools to create and perform music has also been the inspiration for being the producer of several concerts from small to big venues, with music as the main subject. At the moment KKH currently works with the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, as a teacher in E-learning and maintaining their Distance Learning. Meanwhile committed to the different productions for “Aarhus Symphony Orchestra”, the “Danish National Opera”, “Orkester MidtVest”, “Aarhus Sinfonietta”, “The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus” both audio, video and visual productions.

Even at a young age having his hands everywhere in the Danish music culture, he is looking to try out new ways of communicating the music to his audience.